About Pegasus Bay Drag Racing Club

Pegasus Bay Drag Racing Club is 100% volunteer organized and operated. Thanks to the efforts of our volunteers we are able to provide drag racing events for motorsport enthusiasts and the drag racing community.

Our events are a great opportunity for racers to put their cars and bikes to the test on our quarter-mile track and provides our spectators with high octane action all season long!


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Spectator info

Our drag racing events are a great day out for all! Enjoy the engine thunder from the spectator embankment providing fast paced fun all day long. You will see a variety of vehicles, from everyday street machines to top competition cars and bikes, putting themselves to the test on our quarter-mile track. If you’d like a closer look at your favorite car or bike, or to meet your favorite racer, we welcome spectators to come and have a look around our pit area – free of charge. We have food vendors and stall holders on site and often run raffles during our events. So come along and enjoy the entertainment that drag racing offers!

SPECTATORS IN THE PITS - Spectators are welcomed to visit the pit area, check out all the cars and interact with the racers and their support teams. No alcohol, smoking or animals are allowed in this area. When visiting the pits be vigilant as many race cars have limited visibility, make sure to give them clear space to get around. Be prepared for loud and unexpected engine starts in the pit area. Please keep your children with you at all times.

FOOD - At each race meet we have at least one food/beverage vendor situated in the car-park by the entry gate to the pits for all spectators and racers to enjoy.

ANIMALS - No animals/pets are permitted at the track, spectator area or pits. The noise volume is a health and safety hazard for animals and we do not support animals being left in cars due to dehydration and heat exhaustion. If animals are found on the premises the appropriate authorities will be called to remove the animal and the owner will be asked to leave the track and banned for the remainder of the seasons' race events.

ALCOHOL - Whilst alcohol is permitted on the embankment, we ask that courteous behaviour is upheld, respecting that we provide a family environment aimed to be safe and enjoyable for all. No alcohol is permitted in the pit area during the race event. PBDRC encourage responsible drinking and designated drivers. Gate staff may contact the police if drunk driving is suspected upon leaving.

SMOKING - Is not permitted in the pit area, however smoking considerately on the embankment and in the car-parking area is allowed.

Committee Members for 2023-24

Committee Role Committee Members
President Frankie Shaw
Vice President Jason Cole
Secretary Shonny McCormick
Committee Member Allan Bigham
Committee Member Athol Eden
Committee Member Connor Zervos
Committee Member Casey Nicholson
Treasurer Tasha Pearson
Committee Member Corey Bakker
Committee Member Jared Donald

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