2021 AGM Presidents Report


2021 Presidents Report



Welcome everyone to the 2020/21 AGM.  What a season it has been.

Firstly, a big thank you to the Committee for your time and dedication in trying to run this Club.  It certainly has not been easy with all the challenges that have been thrown our way.

To all our Track Volunteers, Rescue Crew, St John Ambulance, Gate Staff and Food Vendors without your ongoing support we would not have race days.

To our Race Day Sponsors Suck It Up, Kelford Cams and Trucold Refrigeration your ongoing support of our events is greatly appreciated.

Also thank you to Drum and Ethridge for the use of the John Deere Tractor, makes track prep a lot easier. 

To all our Racer's, Crews, Support People and families without you guys there would be no racing.

The season's racing has certainly had its moments with Test n Tune, September, and November Meeting's running as well as could be expected, January was not PBDRC's finest moment by any stretch of the imagination, but the Club redeemed itself with a great finish at the April meet.

The Joint Series is confirmed again for this coming season with October and January being our rounds, and our race dates are confirmed they are the same as last season.

During the season the Club has updated the Portatree to the latest version after being 5 years behind.  Thank you to Kris Robb for his many conversations with Portatree America and for getting the Club a really good price on the upgrade.

We were the first track to trial the 1320 to go app and had a lot of positive feedback from Competitors, Spectators, and other tracks around the country.

We have also purchased 2 drums of VHT for this coming season hopefully it will get here in time.

There are a few maintenance things that need to be attended to before the September meeting, the sensors on the track to be mounted properly, the burnout water troughs to be fixed, water tanks and pump for filling the water barriers need to be sorted, hydraulics on the tractor need to be fixed, the sweeper and the vht sprayer need to be looked at.

There have been ongoing issues with past financials and with the Constitution which hopefully will be rectified over the next few weeks and that will stop a lot of the issues being faced by the Committee.

Going forward it would be great to see all the negativity, personal agendas and general bickering gone from our Club, how this is done I am unsure.  Surely we are all here for the love of drag racing and to foster our sport and make it grow, and to make it grow, and make our club great again.  While all this is going on behind the scenes it makes it hard to make this happen.

Thank you again for your support this season, it has certainly been a learning curve that is for sure.  To all the Committee Members standing down, thanks for everything you have done over the last few seasons for our Club, I am sure it is appreciated by our members.

Enjoy what is left of the off season, look forward to seeing you trackside in September,

Sonya Thompson

Acting President



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