Round Six - National Drag Racing Championship Series - 28/01/2024

Join us for Round Six of the National Drag Racing Championship Series on Sunday, 28th of January! 


Gate entry $20

Kids 14 & under are free


Gates open at 7AM

Qualifying starts at 10AM



Entrance is through the main gate to Euromarque Motorsport Park - 107 Hasketts Road, Templeton.



Entrance to the pits - End of Leggett Road, Templeton.

Racer entry fees are per the National Drag Racing Championship Regulations.

If you have entered any PBDRC event for the 2023/2024 season, please enter online using this link.

All other racers, please use this link.


Index Racers:

Here are your indexes going into Round Six of the National Drag Racing Championship Series.


Top Street & Modified Street

Sport Compact

Competition Bike


Where different between the two Governing Body's shall be the slower of the two from the first event. Competitor Index Control (CIC) index system in effect for this series.

Example, if an index is 9.00 and a racer runs 8.00 in eliminations, the index will automatically adjust by half; in this case the new index will be 8.50 for the next round. The system will adjust the index if a racer continues to run under the index throughout the meeting.

If a racer runs twice under the index at the same event through qualifying or eliminations, then the index will be changed for the next meeting to the quickest ET as long as it was backed up by 1%, if not backed up within 1% then the second quickest ET under the index will be the index for the next meeting.

The index will change whether the record is claimed or not.

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